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Mitsubishi MDT231WG monitor is 23 inches of 120Hz gaming goodness and movie magic (video)

Tim Stevens

Sometimes having a computer monitor and a separate HDTV are just too much for your feng shui to handle, and Mitsubishi is here to enhance your qi with its MDT231WG all-in-one monitor. No, not an all-in-one in that it has a PC built in there, but rather it's intended to serve double-duty as a computer monitor and an HDTV. Its 120hz refresh rate and 5.5ms response time mean it'll keep up with Call of Duty, while its 178-degree viewing angle, 5000:1 contrast ratio IPS panel, and integrated 2.1 channel sound system means it should do a decent job at movie playback. And, with a combined power output for all three speakers of 11 watts you won't even have to worry about waking the neighbors. Right now this is looking like it'll only be hitting the Japanese market and, while Mitsu hasn't announced a price yet, we found one for pre-order at ¥118,000 -- just over $1,400 and a small price to pay for finding your perfect spot.

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