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Money Idol Exchanger and Sonic Wings Special on the PSN import store


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MonkeyPaw Games is living up to its responsibility as the single publisher (so far) for the PSN Imports Store, dropping two interesting Japanese PlayStation games on the service today. In case you're not familiar with one or both -- a totally understandable happenstance -- here's what they are.

Money Idol Exchanger
is a pretty weird (but not Cho Aniki weird) Neo Geo puzzle game ported to PlayStation, in which you link up on-screen coins to combine them into higher denominations: five 1s become a 5, etc., until you match two 500s and they vanish. Also, there are idol characters in it for some reason. And Sonic Wings Special is a single game combining all three Sonic Wings shmups (known as Aero Fighters in America).

The games are both available now for $5.99 each -- less for PlayStation Plus members.

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