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'Namco Generations' series includes Galaga Legions DX, Aero Cross


This week's Pac-Man Championship Edition DX isn't just the second game in the Pac-Man CE series -- it's the first game in Namco Bandai's new "Namco Generations" series. Buying any game in the series, in Japan at least, will provide access to an online newsletter, visible from inside the game.

In announcing the existence of its new PS3/Xbox 360 retro-remake series, Namco went ahead and announced its next two offerings: Aero Cross and a sequel to Galaga Legions. This is the first mention of Galaga Legions DX, and the first official confirmation of Aero Cross, which has shown up in ratings previously. Its status as a Namco Generations game strongly suggests it's a Pac-Man CE-style update of the arcade game Metro-Cross.

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