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NBA 2K11 3D for PS3 launched as Best Buy timed exclusive today


Just when we thought we were getting out from under the spectre of exclusive 3D releases on Blu-ray we're hit with one from a very unexpected source in the form of an exclusive NBA 2K11 3D for PS3 SKU, available only at Best Buy. The only apparent difference in this version is its support for stereoscopic 3DTVs (not the first sports title this year to do it, Madden 2011 features anaglyph 3D on any TV with a code, but really, why try?), but for now you won't be able to get it anywhere else. Already have the game or plan on pick it up elsewhere? Expect a software update adding 3D to all PS3 versions (no cross-platform 3D for the Xbox 360 version on this one, leave that to Call of Duty: Black Ops and Crysis) in January according to Ron from 2KSports, for now enjoy the new trailer for the 3D version (embedded) and expect a post on the official PlayStation Blog.

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