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SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad gets a walkthrough, reminds us of all the daytime TV we're missing out on


We heard the iPad version of SlingPlayer Mobile was coming hot on the heels of SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7, and now we've got some video of the app in action. According to Mr. Video Narrator, the app has video quality "better than any mobile app we've ever done," thanks to Apple's fancy H.264 Live Streaming capabilities. The UI looks nicely responsive and unobtrusive, and the video does indeed look pretty great in the middle of a 360p YouTube video. It's also clear that the iPad is really becoming a TV-consumption powerhouse, between Hulu Plus, Netflix, ABC, etc., so SlingPlayer looks like a natural fit. How well it will perform when it's out in the wild is another matter, but we look forward to plunking down our $30 soon and finding out for ourselves.

[Thanks, James]

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