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T-Mobile keeping Even More Plus around, but not online

Chris Ziegler

Remember how we said yesterday a customer service rep told us T-Mobile was in the process of "sneaking away" its discounted, no-contract Even More Plus plans for full-price hardware? So yeah, the good news is that the plans apparently aren't going away -- but the bad news is that the carrier is trying to make them a little harder to get to. Clicking through to the individual plan listing only shows Even More listings now with no mention of Even More Plus whatsoever; instead, you'll notice that there's a teaser on the screen saying that you can "visit a T-Mobile store for no annual contract rate plans, and more." We're not sure if they're doing this in an effort to simplify what the user sees online -- that is, to make sure they're not overcome with choices -- or if they'd like to limit the number of users considering Even More Plus by making it hard to find and hard to buy, but either way, we're not fans of the new system. We're waiting on an official comment from T-Mobile -- we'll post it just as soon as we have it.

Update: Commenter omega1202 notes that he can still see Even More Plus plans when he logs into his account online, so not all hope is lost for existing customers.

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