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Cataclysm Beta Live Stream: Choose my goblin shaman adventure


Choose the adventures of WoW Insider's Robin Torres as she levels multiple alts in the Cataclysm beta, live every Monday and Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST.

Note: The stream is of the Cataclysm beta. This entire post is full of spoilers. You have been warned.

Update: The stream is now over. Please click on the image above for the video replay.

Hello and welcome to the live version of Choose My Adventure (beta edition). The day: Wednesday. The place: Lost Isles. The adventurer: Roblinator, the goblin shaman. The adventure: stuff. What kind of stuff? I'm not sure. But I suspect things will get blown up. Again.

Join me after the break while I narrate, read quests and take requests from the chat room. The show will run for at least an hour and be viewable on video, if you weren't able to watch it live. Also after the break are the adventures of Peenk and polls.

Live stream chat

The Adventures of Peenk, the gnome priestess

I cheated on you again. Peenk continued her investigations in Westfall, since she is never going to win the polls again, apparently. When last we left her, she was finding clues as to who killed the Furlbrows and their trusty horse. (Why are we more concerned about the dealth of Ol' Blanchy than about the human casualties?) Yesterday, she helped feed the homeless by getting the ingredients for coyote tail mud pie. No, I still don't understand why they would shun the coyote steak and want to eat fur and dirt. /shrug

Then we took a box (a vacated home) over to a mine, slaughtered kobolds until we got to the back (we took the candle), and then hid in the box to eavesdrop on a conversation between an ogre and a shadowy female figure. /cue thrilling music here

The eavesdropping continued after we returned to the farm, as we listened to some thugs confess to being hired to commit the murders. And then we killed the thugs, which really seems counterproductive. When we returned to deliver the results, we discovered that the guy helping us was dead and Horatio Laine was investigating his murder now, too. So off we went to visit the Saldeans for more information.

You remember the Saldeans, right? They make stew and want their fields cleared of those metal harvest golem guys. Guess what? They still do! Important thing to know as you make your way through Westfall: You can't just skip the stew quest. It is now part of the CSI Westfall quest chain. Yay animal part collecting ... I guess.

The best part of the entire trip was putting a heart in a harvest thingy and then running over a bunch of other harvest thingies. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

We left Peenk in Sentinel Hill to embark on her slightly reworded quests and continue the investigation. The inn has been finished, in case you were curious. It doesn't look good or comfortable, but it is finished.


I'm not putting up a poll for next week's Horde character. Let's just assume it's Roblinator again and go with that.

It looks like priest is the next to be eliminated in the post-Cataclysm Choose My Adventure goblin poll, which is too bad. I really think a goblin priestess would have been a good fit. If you haven't voted yet, please do so. We'll have the poll for the final two on Monday.

Last Monday, we reached the end of worgen-only territory and are now in night elf lands doing night elf quests for night elves. So Robinella will be questing in Darkshore, if she wins again.

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