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Cut the Rope sells 3 million, free update 'soon'


Soaring past the one-million mark set just last month, Chillingo's iOS hit Cut the Rope has reached three million in sales. It's a feat undoubtedly bringing great joy to the developer (and even greater joy to EA), but let's not ignore the real story here: How many countless, innocent ropes have had their lives shortened at the expense of slash-happy fingers? Will no one think of the poor ropes in all of this? No? Okay, then -- moving on.

In addition to the sales hurrah, Chillingo detailed Cut the Rope's first free update. Coming "soon," the Version 1.1 patch will introduce the "Cosmic Box," which houses 25 new challenges themed around "a unique anti-gravity feature" that turns the game's physics upside down. The update also includes "enhanced" Retina Display graphics, more accurate scoring, "more expressive" Om Nom animations, new sounds and 11 new achievements.

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