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Elecom's Actrail headphones is the tree to iPod shuffle's spanish moss

Ross Miller

We spared you the "wireless" joke, but to be fair, that's precisely what we're looking at: Elecom's Actrail headphones are wireless, Bluetooth-less ear muffs designed for your miniature Apple-borne MP3 player. Only the latest iPod shuffle is officially supported, but we're betting some of the previous generations could fit in just fine. Or maybe even an iPod touch, if don't mind applying scotch tape liberally to your noggin. Hey, it's not like you really need to see the front as a makeshift watch, anyhow. Asking price is ¥4,200 in Japan, which is just around $50 in US coins, and it's due out sometime this month; no promises it'll make stateside release via official channels, but we're sure if you're jonesing you can find something.

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