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New Apple patents for iPhone, wide trackpad, Final Cut Pro, and Apple Mail


Patently Apple's got a whole slew of new patent applications from Cupertino today. First up are the actual product designs of the original iPhone and the second-gen iPod shuffle. Apple's moved on from both of these designs to newer and better things, but they're putting the patents in anyway, just in case anyone wants to rip off the rounded iPhone edges or the little shuffle's clip design.

There are also two MacBook patents: one for the latch holding the battery in, and another one for an extremely wide trackpad that creates a touchable surface all the way across the bottom of the notebook. I like that idea -- I guess Apple hasn't yet figured out a way to put a touchpad in there without getting in the way of the hard drive, the battery, or whatever else is already in that space, but that's an innovation we could see in a future revision.

Finally, Final Cut Pro's scripting engine has gotten a patent application, and there are also two Apple Mail-related patents, for filtering and processing certain email messages. Nothing super groundbreaking, but Apple continues to leave its mark on as many types of computer innovation as it can.

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