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QNAP's TS-119P+ Turbo NAS offers a 'fashionably shiny design,' just one HDD bay

Tim Stevens

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When it comes to external storage, the amount of gloss provided by the enclosure in question is really of paramount importance. QNAP knows this, and so it is touting the new TS-119P+'s "fashionably shiny design" -- oh, and its single HDD bay, iSCSI support, 1.6GHz processor, and 512MB of RAM too. It pulls down just 12 watts of power while in operation, five while sleeping, and thanks to the bevy of software sharing apps that come along with the thing you can stream media files straight to your iPhone or Android device, even host your Windows AD to unify login accounts. QNAP isn't saying how much you'll pay for this combination of features and style, but expect it to ship next week. BYO storage, of course.

Update: Uwe wrote in to let us know that this is actually available now in Europe at a cost of around 240 €, which corresponds to about $325.

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