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Sleeve360 spinning, wearable iPad case getting closer to reality


ThinkFast, LLC, a design firm in Louisville, Kentucky, has come up with a totally useful and unique iPad case that caught my attention. The Sleeve360 has a hand strap on the back with a 360° free-spinning pivot, so if you're using your iPad in such a way that you literally need it constantly at your fingertips, it's there. I can see where the Sleeve360 is probably going to be tremendously popular in the healthcare industry, where iPads seem to taking off like an F-22 fighter on full afterburner.

For artists who might want to move their "canvas" around, the pivot makes it possible to spin the iPad to any orientation in seconds. The strap also acts as a stand for standing the iPad on a surface in either landscape or portrait mode, and there's even a set of little feet that pop out for when you just want have the iPad propped up a little.

The Sleeve360 will have a suggested retail price of US$49.99. The entrepreneurs at ThinkFast are still working up their packaging, but you should be able to pre-order a Sleeve360 in the very near future. There's video on the next page where you can see the Sleeve360 in action. It's very ZZ Top!

Thanks to Tim for the tip.

[via iPadCreative]

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