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Vindictus entices players with a dynamic new trailer


The creators of Vindictus, or Addictus (as it's been called by certain Editors-in-Chief), have thought to inspire us to play their action MMO by launching another trailer. The free-to-play game launched two weeks ago as the first real-physics based MMO. This game that features constant twitchy combat, also, recently announced a new ranged-class giving the gameplay a completely different dynamic. The trailer magnifies the intensity of this unique gaming engine by slowing down and reversing much of the in-game shots in the video. All creatures and player characters affect the environment, as well as their intended target. Walls are mashed. Buildings fall. The earth is crumbled beneath mighty weapons.

If violence and passion fuel your gameplay then Nexon invites you to try out Vindictus for yourself at the official website. It will cost you nothing to try it out for yourself, and you may just find a new world you'll love to explore. Fix your eyes on this film featuring a frenzied flash into this fantasy realm after the break.

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