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Visualized: iOS has more games than four generations of consoles

Vlad Savov

This one's strictly in the "just for fun" category of stat comparisons, but the guys over at TUAW decided to do a little headcount of the sheer number of games Apple's App Store has available for consumption. Then, just for fun, they decided to compare that to some publicly available stats on how many games the last 25 years of consoles, both the sort that plug into your teevee and the handheld type, have churned out. Of course, the caveats are plentiful, as there are a lot of duplicates and Lite versions floating about in the App Store (as well as multi-platform games among the consoles), but the general point that iOS has a lot of games on its books is made pretty clearly. Now if anyone wants to document how many Flash games there are for browser-based consumption, we look forward to reading your results in 2013.

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