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WoW Moviewatch: Gnomey Love


Gnomey Love is the most recent video by RomireVids. This is the story of a gnome who gets dumped by his human girlfriend and then punted to Azuremyst Isle. While on the island, he enjoys a brief, one-sided romance with a shaman before traveling back to Azeroth. Once home, the gnome falls in love with a new gnome girl because he likes big butts, and he can not lie.

Gnomey Love is an interesting video, conceptually. I can see where Romire was going with it. Romire says that he was challenged with technical problems during the video's creation, and I think some of those problems showed in the final product. Still, this was a significant effort, and my hat's off to Romire for his work. I would recommend grabbing a copy editor in the next round, however, to help minimize some grammatical errors in the script.

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