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Not interested in a 360 Slim? How about this rare, 2005 launch model?


Around this time each year, we find ourselves buying peculiar things -- fruit cakes and pine trees and ... Madagascar Kartz -- but we never expected we'd have a chance to buy a new Xbox 360 ... from 2005! Not just any old '05 360, mind you, but a 2005 Launch Team console -- available to bid on (in Australian dollars!) on eBay.

As noted in the auction listing, the launch consoles were only given to folks "intimately involved in designing the console," and the one in question is still functioning, surprisingly. ("The console was last used around September or October of 2008 and was reading discs and playing games fine before being packed away," the listing claims.)

We might normally warn against the danger of buying a launch Xbox 360 given the ubiquity of that model's failure rate, but we're guessing this baby's gonna get mounted on a wall somewhere rather than actually be expected to play games. At least, we're hoping ... for your sake, you crazy person who wins the auction.

[Thanks, Godot]

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