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Next Rage game for iOS to focus on vehicles, Carmack talks mobile Quake Arena spin-off


Now that Rage: Mutant Bash TV has landed on the App Store, id Software's John Carmack is already talking about what's next for the developer on Apple's iOS platform: more Rage. Specifically, a game focusing on the driving aspect of Rage on consoles and PC (shown in the above screenshot).

"I think we have a really good idea of what we can do in this format, and I'm really excited about getting onto the next game, getting onto what we can do with another slice of Rage," Carmack told Joystiq today, going on to say: "Taking some of the wasteland material and having riding along in the dune buggies, jumping over ravines, that kind of stuff. There's more graphics stuff that we can bring in and add yet another level of improvement and polish to the visuals." If all goes as planned, the game will hit iOS before Rage arrives in stores.

"I would like to do a Quake Live derivative for iOS, maybe focusing on the lightning gun, and call it 'Lightning Arena' or something, that would be a full roam-around FPS game," he also said, talking about ideas for future iOS titles from id. "I may yet push for that, because I've got things I want to try there, both from a networking technology standpoint and what we could pull out of that, but I just don't know when the hell I'm going to find time for all of this."

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