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RedLynx dates Trials HD 'Big Thrills' DLC for Dec. 1, gives away free Trials Legends PC bundle


Come December 1, RedLynx will unleash its latest Trials HD DLC, the "Big Thrills" pack, for 400 MS Points ($5). You'll find a trailer highlighting some of the ten user-created tracks selected for the DLC right after the break.

Before Trials HD rocked Xbox Live Arcade, RedLynx was busy rocking the infotron with a series of smaller, free Java-based and paid games called Trials. Today, the Finland-based studio also announced it's making those classic Trials games from the early aughts available to all, free of charge, in one complete PC bundle. All you have to do is hit up RedLynx's Facebook page, give it a "like," then the Trials Legends download link will be revealed to you -- or, if you're too lazy to do all of that, just click this link.

Trials Legends includes 33 different tracks ripped from the classic Trials games, six different rides to whip around in, 15 different attainable ranks, a track creator tool, and a brief overview of the history of the series. RedLynx also set up a dedicated forum space for Trials Legends, in case you want to share tracks with others or simply gab about how you narrowly missed that giant shark with the odd mohawk on level 26. Yeah, he got us a few times too.

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