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Ron Gilbert digs up treasure in the form of Monkey Island 2 bug reports


"GB can trick LeChuck into bending over and grabbing his underwear an infinite number of times. GB can collect several pairs of LeChuck's underwear." Ron Gilbert posted some old bug reports filed during the development of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, printed December 10, 1991. It's a rare and fascinating glimpse at the development process of one of LucasArts' famed SCUMM adventure games.

The infinite-underwear error was in the "B" category, meaning "truly ugly (but you can finish)." Less severe errors, like "The martini glass looks the same empty as it does full of water," were given the "C" label, meaning "golly it would be nice if we could fix this." That's the category in which we put the major bug in our lives: "We can't go back to 1991 and get jobs working on Monkey Island 2."

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