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Steelseries introduces new SHIFT key set for MMOs


Steelseries, creators of the SHIFT keyboard (the next generation of the ZBoard), has just announced that it will soon offer a key set specifically for MMO players. We have already seen the Cataclysm-specific licensed product; my impressions from BlizzCon of that keyboard are here. Everything on the keyboard is customizable, which is great and might be a better alternative to the Cataclysm keyboard for people who play multiple MMOs.

When I was at BlizzCon, I asked myself a couple of times why Steelseries doesn't actually have a generic MMO key set for the SHIFT -- but then I quickly remembered we were at BlizzCon, mecca for all things Blizzard, and I realized it might not be the ideal place to show it off. Now, however, it is here, and it looks pretty neat. We don't have a date on its availability yet, but the price of the key set should run around $24.99 (SHIFT keyboard sold separately, natch). Check out Steelseries' website for more details.

Also, for those curious readers sending me emails about the mechanical Steelseries 6Gv2 that I picked up after BlizzCon, wanting my impressions after using the keyboard for a few weeks? Love it.

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