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TGI Black Friday app helps you find Black Friday sales


Are you one of the millions of people who seem to lose their mind on Black Friday? Do you wait in line for hours before Walmart opens at 5AM just to get that generic LCD TV for $149? If so, there's a cool iPhone app for you. TGI Black Friday helps deal hunters navigate the bargain madness on the busiest shopping day of the year.

TGI Black Friday allows you to search over 10,000 Black Friday deals across stores and categories, get instant Push notifications on breaking deals, create and save lists of deals you want to remember to make a mad dash for, and view PDF versions of all the available Black Friday ad scans.

The only thing this app won't do is stop you from getting crushed under a hoard of consumers acting like they're monkeys jacked up on crack, so be careful where you use it. Seriously, you wouldn't drive and use an app at the same time, so don't stand in the doorway of a store just unlocking their doors on Black Friday with your eyes on this app. Good luck and safe shopping! TGI Black Friday is a free download from the App Store.

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