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Zentia shows off pet and mount videos

Jef Reahard

Pay attention, MMO pet and mount fans. has some new videos focusing on Zentia's furry (and scaly) companions that you might want to check out.

Over the course of the two-part video series, producer David Markowitz discusses everything from how to obtain your first pet, to basics about the interface, to the care and feeding of your pets and mounts. You can even use your pet as an automatic route to your destination in the game world, and the vids will show you how. You'll also learn about pet storage slots, battle vs. travel mounts, and pet upgrade items. Oh, and over half of the creatures you see in the Zentia game world can be captured and trained as pets or mounts, offering a ton of visual variety.

All in all, the videos are pretty invaluable for both Zentia and MMO pet fans. Check them out after the break or on the official forums.

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