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Bungie enlisting beta testers with chance to get in on secret project

Look, it's likely that Bungie's next game is going to be a casual, monster-collecting/kart-racing/trivia/MMA fighting game. Don't you want to get in on that -- on the ground floor? You could be among the first to try Bungie's upcoming, unannounced opus by signing up to become a "Bungie Beta Tester" on the studio's forums. Enlisting in this manner makes you eligible to participate in playtests, surveys and -- as the title suggests -- alpha and beta tests, but Bungie notes, "Not all who enlist will be selected."

Signing up for a chance to participate in a beta test for a game that hasn't even been announced yet may sound kinda odd, but it's a much saner idea than becoming a "Bungee Beta Tester," which is better suited for crash test dummies and other human-shaped things.

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