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Creating concepts for The Old Republic


Well, it's Friday again, and that, of course, means more news from Star Wars: The Old Republic. For those who are like this reporter and like to know the intricate details of how games are made, you are in luck. Once a month, BioWare gives us a glimpse of what it takes to produce a multi-million dollar MMO. This issue of the Studio Insider links us up with Concept Artist Diego Almazan and the creation of the Flesh Raider.

"When starting a concept, it's important to get as much information as possible to help make the creature or object fit best in its place in the game," Almazan explains in the article. As with any piece of art, the Flesh Raider concept starts with rough sketches then to more fleshed out (pun intended) renders. Unlike concept art from just a few years ago, these concepts are digitally painted and without armor or other clothing so that these can be added in the next step. Colors and clothing can easily adjusted to fit the developer's vision.

The article also highlights some questions about gameplay from SWTOR forum members answered by Lead Writer Daniel Erickson. Don't miss the full article on the official site and be sure to catch the latest SWTOR news here at Massively.

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