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iPhone as a company worth more than all but 10 companies in the world


Once a company's worth gets into the stratospheric range that Apple now inhabits, financial analysts start to play with the numbers and find all sorts of fascinating things. Stock analysis firm Trefis looked at Apple's product mix and estimated that the iPhone line accounts for about 53.5% of Apple's stock value. By comparison, the Mac weighs in at a paltry 18.3%.

Next, Trefis assigned a price estimate of $418 a share to AAPL, which is about 40% ahead of the current stock price but well within estimates from a number of Wall Street analysts. Applying these assumptions -- and they're rather big assumptions -- the iPhone would account for $209 billion of the estimated $391 billion value for Apple.

$209 billion... That puts just the iPhone product line at Apple ahead of consumer giants like Coca-Cola ($138 billion), tech heavyweight Google ($204 billion), and any of the pharmaceutical firms, led by Johnson & Johnson ($173 billion). iPhone, Inc. is also worth more than any of the world's automobile manufacturers, with Toyota ($119 billion) leading the pack, and all but Walmart ($243 billion) in the retail business. The iPhone biz is also bigger than any telecom firm with the exception of one -- AT&T at $224 billion.

In this perfect world, Apple is the most highly valued company, followed by Exxon Mobile ($349 billion), three Chinese companies, BHP (mining, $236 billion), IBM, Microsoft, and Proctor & Gamble ($243 billion). Of course, this type of conjecture is based on all sorts of assumptions, but it sure is fun to see.

[via Fortune Tech]

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