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Sony backing new series of 3D TV shows launching in Japan this January


Now that Japan's first 3D broadcast is old news, Sony hopes to spark 3D TV sales in the island by offering a new series of late night 3D programming. Created in partnership with the Japanese TV company BS Fuji, the proposed lineup will launch with three 30-minute specials. The first will air at midnight on Saturday, January 1st, with the other two following at the same time on Sunday the 2nd and Monday the 3rd. Topics covered include: rail travel on the Orient Express, a bird's eye trip that follows the ultra low-flying journey of a powered paraglider, and a recap of Sony Aquarium 3D coverage from 2008-2010, which apparently has been a popular annual summer event held in Sony's Ginza building. After that trio, 30 minutes of 3D programming will continue to air at the witching hour from January 9th onwards. How much this ploy will help Sony's 3DTV sales considering Japanese consumers can already watch BS11 3D broadcasts is debatable, but anything's better than robot theater right?

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