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Today only: Pay what you want for And Yet It Moves


This year has seen the concept of "pay what you want" sales explode onto the indie scene, with the likes of the Humble Indie Bundle and, more recently, Tale of Tales' catalog briefly going PWYW (or "pwhu-yew"). Now today -- and only today -- Broken Rules is breaking the rules of traditional pricing structures and letting you name the price for its world-rotating platformer, And Yet It Moves, for PC and Mac.

YAWMA, the online indie game and music site that's hosting the sale, is even willing to let you have the game for zero dollars, but you wouldn't be able to live with that on your conscience. Really -- we're telling you that you couldn't. What you can live with is knowing you bought a cool game and helped an independent dev afford to make another cool game.

If you're not a PC or Mac gamer, you can try a demo of AYIM on WiiWare next week -- but, if you like it, you'll need to PWNW ("pay what Nintendo wants").

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