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Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena coming to PSN next week

GaijinWorks founder Victor Ireland recently dove headfirst into the NeoGAF forums to reveal some release details for a pair of titles (recently hinted at by ESRB listings) which his company will be localizing for the U.S. PSN: Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena. The two games, which only ever made it stateside in the Arc the Lad Collection for PSOne, will hit the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, November 23.

Arc the Lad II will be available to purchase for $5.99, while Arc Arena -- an offshoot from the series where monsters you collect in Arc II can be fought in tournaments for prizes -- can be purchased in a bundle with Arc II for $8.99. For a brief moment, we debated between which of these two versions we would spring for, then reread the words "monsters," "collect," "tournament" and "prizes," and then the decision was pretty much made for us.

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