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EVE Incursion trailer fortells Sansha's revenge


Fueled by his dreams of creating a utopian society, a young Sansha Kuvakei took to the stars. He sought to establish a new universal order among the citizens of New Eden and create a better future for everyone. His dream quickly turned to New Eden's nightmare, as Sansha's followers grew and began arming themselves for a war. While the public saw him as a glorious messiah and leader of a prosperous new kingdom, Sansha had begun experimenting in secret on the most unholy of creations. Combining Jovian pod technology with the then-illegal brain implants, Sansha found a way to control not just the economic activity of his empire but also the actions of his followers. Millions were converted into mindless slaves of Sansha's twisted Nation before the empires took notice.

It wasn't long before Sansha's empire crumbled, left with only a handful of fanatical followers and a small army of true slaves. Sansha's influence in the empires waned, and his empire was scattered to a small section of the lawless outer regions. Out of sight, but not out of action, it's here that Sansha has been building his forces and biding his time. It's from here that the Nation launched expeditions into the unstable wormholes appearing throughout space. In the unseen depths of wormhole space, Sansha has been building an armada, its purpose to impose his unholy order on every citizen of New Eden. Having captured a Jovian space station and learned the secrets of controlling wormholes, the Nation has already abducted millions from their home planets and converted them to serve the Nation. Soon Sansha's plans will come into focus and nobody, not even miners in the relative safety of the empire's strongholds, will be safe from his terrible revenge.

Skip past the cut to watch the new Incursion trailer, embedded in HD.

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