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Rumor: EA Tiburon early in development on new NFL Blitz

Giant Bomb reports that an anonymous tipster recently sent word of a fairly thrilling project that's currently in the early stages of development at EA Sports: A reboot of the NFL Blitz franchise. The rights for EA to do so were apparently acquired when the publisher purchased the NBA Jam license from Midway -- we wonder if they were holding a two-for-one sale on over-the-top, lawless sports simulations?

According to Giant Bomb's report, the game is in development at EA Tiburon, the current home of NFL Blitz co-creator Mark Turmell. The only other details that came from the anonymous tipster are that the game would get a multiplatform release, and probably won't arrive until 2012. It's not a lot to go on, but it's enough to fill our heads with beautiful visions of 30-yard first downs and late, late hits. We've contacted EA for a comment on Giant Bomb's report.

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