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Spike VGA 2010 commercial hints at 'Infected' game revelation

Once again, some sneaky developers are hinting at a big game reveal during the Spike 2010 VGAs using extremely surreptitious methods. A commercial for the awards program (posted after the jump) flashes the above image for a fraction of a second, seemingly indicating the premiere of some kind of game featuring "Infected." A couple years ago, we would have taken this as evidence of a new Left 4 Dead, but considering how zombies are now somehow included in every piece of popular media known to man, we can't be quite so certain.

Also briefly flashed during the ad is a QR code -- much like those dropped by BioWare, which hinted at its own VGA reveal last Wednesday. However, scanning this particular bar code leads you to another VGA teaser site, featuring the words "Look Closer" and "Murder." We have no idea what this means, but if someone's working on some kind of snuff film game, then they should probably stop, because we're so not down.

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