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Touchscreen phones get psuedo-buttons with Tactile Plus stickers

It's difficult to execute a Hadouken -- or any special maneuver, for that matter -- on the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV without keeping a constant eye on the on-screen controls. It's a problem that many games on touchscreened smartphones suffer from; fortunately, it's a problem that can be solved with a little outside the box thinking. Why not just add some buttons to your phone using the reusable Tactile+Plus sticker set pictured above?

The stickers, which can be ordered from Japanese cellular accessory store Strapya for $7.40, add translucent nubs to your screen, giving your stupid thumbs a decent idea of where they're positioned at all times. Sounds like a decent investment for people who do a lot of gaming on their phones -- just make sure you take them off once gaming time is over, as "translucent nubbin stickers" probably reduce any handheld device's sexiness factor to negative thirty.

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