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iPad will hit Korea on November 30


Earlier this month we reported the iPad had cleared governmental hurdles in Korea and was about to begin taking pre-orders. Today, Electronista reports that over 60,000 pre-orders for the iPad have been taken. KT Corp. is offering the iPad in Korea with a subsidy if you sign up for their data service, bringing the 16GB version to less than US$200. You can still buy a Wi-Fi model without a subsidy for around US$559.

Competitor SK Telecom, meanwhile is selling the Galaxy Tab with some success, predicting over 1 million in sales by the end of the year. As far as we can tell, SK Telecom is still considering carrying the iPad (and iPhone 4), but there have been no new announcements from Korea's #1 carrier. Until then, the iPad will continue to be sold by KT Corp.

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