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Is the Apollo News Reader defunct?

Mel Martin

I liked the Apollo New Reader for iPad. It allowed you to read RSS feeds full screen, something that the Pulse news reader doesn't do in landscape mode. Another advantage was that it could usually play video from within the app. Note: One of our sharp commenters notes that you can play a video in Pulse by holding the play button down for more than 2 seconds. Cool. Alas, good things come to an end; the Apollo News Reader is no longer listed in the App Store, and the freshest stories are 6 days old. The iPhone version of the app is also M.I.A.

I recently reported that the app was not updating, but the developers said they expected to have it back up soon. The issue seemed to be some disagreements with some content providers over whether Apollo could use their material.

There hasn't been any response from the developers on this latest outage, so if I could hazard a guess I'd say that the app won't be back. There is nothing on the Hawthorne Labs website that would give me any insight into what's going on. Once billed as "the Newspaper of the Future," for now the Apollo app doesn't seem to have any future at all. I hope it comes back, but I'm not holding my breath.

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