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Kickstarter project aiming to make Mustache Mercenaries, a 'fun' Facebook game


Scott Macmillian is an indie game developer in Boston (one of the organizers of the IDGA chapter up there) who has taken on a seemingly insurmountable goal: Make a fun Facebook game. Yes, despite the fact that Facebook games are rolling in dough, none of them offer much gameplay beyond a lot of cow-clicking, and so Macmillian's Macguffin Games is going to attempt to change all of that with a game called Mustache Mercenaries, starring giant robots and historical figures.

Intrigued? Then Macmillian wants your money -- he's funding the project through Kickstarter, a site that allows donations of various sizes in an NPR-style pledge drive. As little as $3 will get you a place in the game's credits, $50 or more will get you a lifetime supply of the eventual game's Coal currency, and for $1000, you can actually get a robot built for you and named after you in the game. The final title is supposed to be turn-based combat, pitting steam-powered robots against each other, piloted by real-life people like Abraham Lincoln and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Sound a little crazy? Yes, and that might be why the company has only raised around $2500 of its $15k goal as of this writing. But then again, if you've ever actually played Farmville or Mafia Wars, you'll probably agree that there's a lot of fun lacking in the social network game genre. If Mustache Mercenaries can add that, we can't help but support the cause.

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