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KitchenPad Timer helps with your Thanksgiving meal

David Winograd

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite American holidays. Although it's representative of the Pilgrims' first harvest festival with the Native American Indians, it's really about one of my favorite things -- eating. But before we can eat, many of us have to cook, and we have to face the usual issue of too many dishes needing to be prepared at the same time. This sort of cooking can be akin to the guy who used to spin plates on the Ed Sullivan Show.

KitchenPad Timer (US$1.99 until Thanksgiving) from Prativo can help. It's an app that gives you eight graphically represented timers -- four for burners and four for ovens. Each timer lets you enter the name of a dish and how long it should be cooked. The burner timers allow for heat settings, and the oven timers let you enter internal temperature. Conceivably, you can keep eight "plates in the air" at the same time.

A nice feature is that once set, if you leave the app, a pop-up alert is sent to your device alerting you that something is done. This is a universal app, and the iPad version shows you all eight timers on one screen. On the iPhone or iPod touch, you can see burners on one page and ovens on a second screen.

If you're doing some heavy duty cooking this week, consider picking it up. It's only a couple of bucks and can be really useful.

Take a look at KitchenPad Timer in action after the break.

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