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Super Meat Boy's 'Sewers of Dross' DLC now available, Team Meat details five more additions


"Teh Internets" of Super Meat Boy got an additional 20 levels of precision platforming madness this morning, with "The Sewers of Dross." The free pack features Gish as the only playable character, leading the character-specific DLC charge for SMB. Free DLC chapters made specifically for Commander Video and The Kid will also be made available in early 2011, along with a "best of" user-submitted level pack, featuring 20 levels created by PC/Mac players.

Two non-character-specific DLC packs will arrive via "Teh Internets" in December: Meat Boy (a retro chapter "based on the best of the Meat Boy flash prototype") and I Meat Boy (a pack of remixed levels from the main game, made more difficult). As Team Meat's Edmund McMillen explains in the comments of the announcement post, some of these DLC packs will be available on PC and Mac as well, but some (TSoD, for example) won't make it due to exclusivity agreements with Microsoft -- Gish is exclusive to Xbox 360.

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