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TUAW's Daily App: mGifts


It's Thanksgiving week, Black Friday is coming up quick, and that means that we're knee deep in gift-shopping season. If you don't quite know what you're getting or where to get it yet, mGifts can probably help. It can't actually recommend gifts for you (we here at TUAW can take care of that part), but it can help you track all of the gifts you need to buy, keeping separate listings by person, stores to shop at, and even prices of what you've purchased already. If you've got a lot of gifts to pick up, this could be just the thing to help you organize.

Other features include the ability to share a list via email or attach photos for each gift or person. And while we're posting about the app for holiday gift giving, it actually works for any event, even customized birthdays or anniversaries. The app is a universal release and is only US 99 cents right now, on sale for the season.

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