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World of Goo coming to iPad, Gunstar Heroes out now


Here are two good pieces of news for iOS gamers. First up, World of Goo, the practically classic indie game that has you building little structures out of blobs of goo, is headed to the App Store just as soon as Apple approves the app for iPad. The app will feature one-screen multiplayer, with up to 11 fingers building up and drawing goo paths out on the screen. There's no iPhone version yet, but it's not outside the range of reason, as long as 2D Boy can make it run "buttery smooth."

And Sega's classic side-scroller Gunstar Heroes is now out on the iPhone as a US$2.99 app. Early word on the game is that it's an excellent port of the much-loved Genesis title. As with most ports, the controls simply consist of on-screen buttons, which can sometimes get in the way of the action. But if you're a Gunstar Heroes fan, you've probably headed over to the App Store to download the game anyway -- it's got quite a rabid following.

And finally, if you are an iOS gamer, stay tuned later on this week. I'm expecting to see some gigantic sales on the App Store for Black Friday, and we'll be covering and collecting as many of them as possible. Be sure to follow us over on Twitter as well -- sometimes we'll fit in even more quick sales over there.

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