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Angels Online takes flight on the wings of Gryphons


The Sorting Hat has spoken, and Angels Online has joined Gryffindor House (sorry, we watched Harry Potter this past weekend)! The dev team is happy to announce the addition of Gryphon pets to the game -- pets that appear to do double duty as mounts.

The Gryphon is the guardian and main symbol of the Aurora Faction in the game, and represents speed and power. However, over time, the Gryphon has become a myth to the people, unseen and unbelieved. This changed as the Gryphon appeared during the pirate siege of Aurora City to save the day. A few "nom noms" later, and the pirate threat was history.

Characters will now have access to this powerful beast, who will offer them a huge boost to movement speed and player attributes when used. To check out Angels Online's new Gryphon, head on over to the site and explore the game for free.

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