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Breakfast Topic: New and improved

Kelly Aarons

Today is the big day -- The Shattering, also known as Patch 4.0.3a. The day that everything you've ever known and loved for the past six years will be destroyed by the original bad dragon, Deathwing. The denizens of Azeroth will not take this lying down, oh, no -- for cultures have changed, and races have embraced different ways to fight back. The humans and Forsaken have now taken up the path of the hunter. Dwarves have embraced shamanism, and the tauren have realized that the sun offers a different power than their moonlighting druid kin.

With all the new race/class combos, which new path are you going to walk down? When 4.0.3a hits, you'll be able to choose your new race/class combo, despite what other news has been floating around today. You'll be able to choose from:

  • blood elf warrior
  • troll druid
  • dwarf shaman
  • tauren paladin
  • tauren priest
  • gnome priest
  • night elf mage
  • orc mage
  • human hunter
  • undead hunter
  • dwarf mage
Despite my earlier rantings, I'm really gunning for a tauren paladin. The Sunwalker lore ended up fitting really nicely, although I'm curious to see what the motivation behind the gnome priests are. What are you going to roll/pay to change?

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