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Ratchet & Clank cut-away sculptures up for auction [update]


Striking a balance between cute and kinda disturbing, developer Insomniac and artist Jason Freeny have teamed up to auction off some one-of-a-kind Ratchet & Clank sculptures, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. The set includes a 12" statue of Cpt. Qwark signed by Insomniac staff, a 6" Clank with flip-top head and brain inside, and a 10" quarter-cut sculpture of Ratchet that exposes his skeleton and digestive system. Also, if you're as perplexed (and nerdy) as we are to have noticed Clank has a brain, you'll be pleased the hear an Insomniac representative rationalizing it: "Let's call it artistic interpretation - as Clank is certainly a mechanical character in the series."

Now to work on the long process of getting the visions of a skinned Ratchet, laying on some medical student's dissection table, out of our heads.

Update: Insomniac framed this auction to us as a "charity auction." We spoke directly with Jason Freeny on the phone, who informed Joystiq these auctions are how he makes his living, that the charity portion was an agreement between he and the developer, but that this is not a "charity auction." We've updated our piece accordingly.

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