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Final Fantasy XI shows off job emotes in a new trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XI's multiple jobs present a unique problem -- how do you convince the rest of your party that you're the experienced one with a level 85 Red Mage if you're grouped up as a level 16 Dragoon? If you said "by being patronizing," well, you knew the old route. But the brand-new job emotes coming in the December version update offer you another option for showing off your favorite job for anyone to see. It also gives players a new way to express themselves visually, but we're sure that part is secondary.

Square-Enix has just released a trailer showing off the 20 emotes available for characters to wield, with each unlocked via a quest at level 30. While level 30 isn't the apex of power, each emote can be wielded regardless of a player's job at the time, making them fun little visual toys that are at least more flexible than the frequently mocked bell emotes. Take a look past the cut for the trailer detailing the individual expressions for each of Final Fantasy XI's numerous but distinct classes.

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