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iPhone demand in China still exceeds supply


We've heard some crazy stories out of China about the call for Apple products there, both that Apple is trying to increase supply as quickly as possible, and that they're still not living up to the demand. And here's more news that Apple is racing, and probably failing, to keep up with all of the demand there. China Unicom says that Apple is still falling short of orders in that country. So far, 600,000 iPhone 4s have been ordered, but there's no word on how many of those have been delivered yet.

Hong Kong's Telstra also says demand is high there, and that company says that it too has had trouble keeping up supply under all the demand.

This is both good and bad news for Apple -- China has already been identified in the past as one of the company's biggest possible markets in the future, and it's great to hear that the expectations of demand are being matched, if not exceeded. On the other hand, it's never good to leave money on the table, and if Apple can't take advantage of all of this demand, it'll be doing just that.

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