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Castle Crashers featured in Japan's PSN 'Western Game Buyer Selection'


The American PSN recently got a storefront for imported Japanese games, but it's limited entirely to PSOne downloads. Sony is launching an import selection for the Japanese PSN as well, which includes more recent downloadables from the west.

The inaugural offerings on the "Western Game Buyer Selection" label on November 25 will include Castle Crashers for ¥1,500, Comet Crash for ¥1,000, and the PlayStation Mini Young Thor for ¥500. The screenshots sent out by Sony include no Japanese text, so it's likely these will be dropped on PSN untranslated, like the PSOne Imports in North America. We hope for Japan's sake that Sony is as diligent about populating this service as MonkeyPaw Games is here.

[Update: Pelfast studio head John Bates got in touch with us to let us know that Comet Crash, at least, has been professionally localized for Japan. So this is more than a simple storefront for unlocalized games!]

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