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Check out Legend of Martial Arts with our closed beta key giveaway!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Legend of Martial Arts has risen from the ashes of Kung Foo!, ready for the next phase of development: closed beta.

Kung Foo! caught the attention of much of the Massively staff because of its quirky sense of humor and fun presentation, so we're eager to get a look at the new, improved, and re-named version. The game has maintained its sense of humor, offering sometimes-bizarre weaponry and giving players the ability to transform into things like donkeys and lamp posts. Closed beta of Legend of Martial Arts begins today -- it's time to check out this redesigned free-to-play title for yourself.

Are you ready to become the most epic lamp post the MMO world has ever seen? We at Massively have a pile of closed beta keys so you can do just that. Click the link below and grab your key to get started in Legend of Martial Arts!

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