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Japanese 3DS showcase named 'Nintendo World 2011'


Nintendo opened the official website for its previously announced public 3DS demo event (in Japan -- calm down), dubbing the showcase "Nintendo World 2011." Taking place from January 8 - 10 in Hall 9 of the Makuhari Messe convention center (home of Tokyo Game Show), admission to the event will be free for the public. Unfortunately, none of the games on display have been listed, but the event's website promises more info as January draws closer.

It's not clear whether this event will become a regular shindig or not -- Nintendo holds events sporadically in Japan, but the 3DS is anomalous in being most effectively marketed in person. Regardless, Nintendo World 2011 will mark the first time the general public will get its hands on Nintendo's next big thing. Given our experience with the handheld at E3, we suspect the public is in for a good time.

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