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Kids 6-12 want iPads and iPod touches, survey says


Go figure -- this holiday season, kids want the priciest, hottest consumer electronics going. That's according to a new Nielsen survey, which says that across the demographic of kids 6-12, the iPad is the hottest gift in town, with 31 percent angling for a future purchase of Apple's tablet. The iPod touch is another big gift want as well, topping both the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP this year. And the iPhone is also on the list, with 20 percent of those polled hoping to see a smartphone under the tree.

I don't have kids, but it seems a little nuts to me that six to twelve year olds are hoping for devices like the iPad and the iPhone. Then again, when I was a kid, there was nothing we wanted more than a new SNES or a Sega Genesis, and we still wound up getting things like books and sweaters anyway. So just because these kids want a big ticket Apple device doesn't necessarily mean it'll be showing up under the tree later this year.

But you never know -- those kids go to school for like eight hours a day, right? Maybe while they're away at school, Mom and Dad get to use the iPad for themselves.

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