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Mac shipments are outpacing the market 3 to 1

Michael Gray

An interesting article over at CNN talks about the growth of Mac inside the worldwide market for personal computers. The original report was created by Charlie Wolf, who pointed out that Apple's growth is three times that of the overall, worldwide market for computers. The article itself is concerned that Wolf might have been too fair to Apple, since Macs only represent about 5% of that total market in the last quarter.

The challenge, though, is that Wolf is talking about two things: the overall growth of personal computers against the growth of Macs. Of the two numbers compared, Mac is gaining ground much more quickly than your average PC. Wolf's data isn't meant to be an apples-to-apples argument anyway. The whole point is that "PCs are still getting bigger worldwide. But, of that market, Macs are growing faster than the overall market."

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