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PSP firmware update 6.35 prepares America for Qriocity, adds x-Radar to XMB in Japan


Back in September, Sony revealed plans for a music service called "Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity." Today, the company has announced details for upcoming firmware update 6.35, which prepares the PSP for the music streaming service by adding an icon under the Music section of the XMB. So don't get all freaked out when you see it and think it's been stealth-launched or anything. On the PlayStation blog, Sony VP Eric Lempel says the new firmware is "coming soon."

In Japan, PSP users can now take advantage of some built-in mapping software without having to go through the PlayStation Store and download the app x-Radar. As part of firmware 6.35 released overseas today, Andriasang says the app's now moved to the XMB, utilizing maps and guides purchased through the PlayStation Store to provide users with different types of data. The software itself also sees an update today, which you can read about here.

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